Mura Vive

The walls of Padua

Art and culture
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"Learn from the past if you want to predict the future." Confucius

It’s a museum. It’s a show. It’s a museum show.

It’s Mura Vive, the Multimedia Narrative Museum of the city of Padua. A museum to live and to be part of, because the objects of our attention are the city walls. The doors, the bastions and the stones become an active setting, from which are materialized characters from other times linked to the history of Padua, who tell us anecdotes and curiosities about the walls.

The Renaissance bastion of Padua is, to date, the most extensive that has been preserved in its entirety.
Started in 1513, on the occasion of the end of hostilities between Venice and the League of Cambrai and replacing the 14th century walls, the circle was completed in the middle of the 16th century. The city walls, which have never been attacked over the centuries, delimited the entire city until the 20th century, when urban expansion began to expand further.
Seven stations (five already active, two due to arrive in September 2022) are located along its eleven kilometres, where visitors can immerse themselves in the city’s history.
Through the narrative environmental installations you can listen to the historical events told directly by the characters who lived them. In the educational stations you will find short videos, renderings and animations to deepen the history of these places.
In addition, there is a mobile app with downloadable content at each station, three-dimensional reconstructions and augmented reality.

Mura Vive is a widespread museum accessible also in English and Italian Sign Language.
The Mura Vive project is the result of the work of the Association Comitato Mura to raise awareness of a historical and monumental heritage that is an integral part of the city, whose valorization is an increase of prestige for an urban center of great historical and architectural importance such as Padua.

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Mura Vive – Padova – Museo Narrante Multimediale

an initiative by
Associazione “Comitato Mura di Padova”

Via Raggio di Sole, 2 – 35137 Padova
+39 347 6145908 (segretario)

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