Padova Film Commission

The top set in a unique territory

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The Padova Film Commission – managed by the DMO Padova Tourist Consortium – is a local reality that supports film, television and journalistic productions in the territory of the city of Padova and its province. It was established with the aim of professional welcoming and guaranteeing services to all audiovisual professionals in Padova, such as the creation of advertising campaigns, television commercials and social communication, as well as assistance to photographers, creatives and advertisers.

The Padova Film Commission suggests public and private locations, supports film companies in the first bureaucratic steps and in establishing contacts with the city’s institutions. It also keeps a list of professionals from Padova working in the world of cinema and television, which can be provided to all those companies looking for workers in the territory. It is also able to help with hotel accommodations, thanks to its direct relationship with the tourist operators of the territory.

Thanks to the work of the Padova Film Commission, many national and international productions have chosen Padova as their set: an exceptional opportunity for visibility, an opportunity for the whole city to be proud to see its territory take centre stage in the work of the most important directors.

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