Padua Unveiled: the city centre stretch of the St. Anthony Walk

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This walk takes you through the city of Padua, taking in some unknown places and some that are symbols of the city itself; following in the footsteps of the Padua’s patron saint, it runs from the Sanctuary in the Arcella to the broad bend in the river Bacchiglione, from where pilgrims once headed south to other traditional sites of religious devotion.
The itinerary combines stories relating to the saint’s life in the Padua, constructing a rich narrative that reflects the city’s history; taking visitors on a a slow journey back through the centuries, it offers them the chance to enjoy some of the beauties of the place.
The walk covers such famous sights as the Clock Tower in Piazza dei Signori; the Palazzo della Ragione and its “Stone of Censure”; the cloisters of the Basilica of St. Anthony; Prato della Valle and its central Isola Memmia surrounded by a total of 78 statues; the Basilica of Santa Giustina. But there are also many more less well-known sites: the Cat and Unicorn bastions; the church of the Carmine, with the nearby Porta Molino city gateway and associated bridge; the churches of San Canziano and Santa Croce; the Oratory of the Colombini in Via dei Papafava; the Roman Ponte San Lorenzo; and of course, the flowing waters of the river Bacchiglione itself.


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