Treviso – Ostiglia cycle/pedestrian path

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Defined by the Regional Government of the Veneto as Itinerary 5 (I5), it follows the course of an old railway line built during the Second World War to link Ostiglia (outside Mantua) and Treviso.
Now some of this 120 km route is a functioning cycle path, from Treviso to the outskirts of Vicenza, passing through the Camposampierese area.
the cycle – path is more ore less 70km long and its map is visible at the official website

The route is shaded by oak trees, beech trees and robinias, forming a sort of linear forest which is interrupted only by the original railway stations (now being restored to a useful life). And beyond the track lies the Veneto countryside, with fields of maize and radicchio forming the perfect framework for this journey through nature.
There are also intermediate points of access and egress, which make it possible to reach points of cultural and natural beauty along the way.
At the 99-km mark along the route is a Bike Park that has all the facilities required by those cycling for sport or pleasure. It is also possible to rent bikes.


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