Villa Borbone-Conti-Schiesari-Disarò

Historical buildings and streets
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Villa Borbone-Conti-Schiesari-Disarò dates from the sixteenth/seventeenth century and for a number of years housed the local orphanage. Built for the Borbone-Conti family, members of the ancient nobility, it occupies what was probably the site of the Castle of Conselve, which could have dated back to the eleventh century. Built in the first half of the sixteenth century, the main core of the villa was then added to during the course of the seventeenth century, and would subsequently undergo various alterations.
After the Bordone-Conti family died out, the villa became the property of the Schiesari family in 1827. The last scion of that family, Temi Schiesari, would then leave the villa to the Canossian Sisters to use as an orphanage; that institution was in operation from 1942 to 1970. Recently restored, the villa is now the property of the Disarò family.



via Padova, 2, Conselve (PD)

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