Villa Querini

Historical buildings and streets
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Villa Querini in Camposampiero was built for the noble Venetian family of the Bernardo towards the end of the sixteenth century.
For most of the seventeenth century, however, the villa belong to the aristocratic family of the Milani, until – in 1698 – Giovan Battista Milani left the property to Pio Ospedale degli Incurabili in Venice. Thereafter, it passed into the hands of the Civran family (1703), then the Castelli family (1704) and finally the Querini family (in 1786), by whose name the villa is still known.

The ground floor has a central salon, originally laid out as a sitting-room and dining-room, with two rooms off each side, which served as kitchen, service facilities and storage space. The first floor again has a wide central hall, but this time the four side rooms were bedrooms for the owners and sleeping-quarters for servants. On the top floor were two small bedrooms and a sizeable granary (this villa, like all others, was the core of a working agricultural estate). Noteworthy features of the interior include the Venetian terrazzo flooring and the hand-decorated ceiling beams.

At present the building houses the Federazione dei Comuni del Camosampierese [Association of Local Councils in the Camposampiero Area] and the local office of the UNPLI (a body dedicated to the promotion of this area).

La Villa è sede di uffici amministrativi; l’orario di apertura convenzionale è dal lunedì al venerdì dalle ore 09:00 alle 16:00, altri orari su richiesta (049 9315608)

Via Cordenons, 17, Camposampiero PD
+39 049 9315608

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