Performing Science

13 MAR - 10 APR 2024
Cinema and theatre
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10 appointments, from March 13th to April 11th, at the Maddalene Theatre, Performing Science is on stage, a project with the artistic coordination of Lorenzo Maragoni and the dramaturgy of the writer and blogger Niccolò Targhetta, in which researchers, male and female researchers from the University of Padua meet and discuss with an author, two actors and a director to talk about university research, from artificial intelligence to neuroscience, from history to medicine.
Between dissemination, performance and interaction with the public, each evening begins with a twenty-minute scientific talk, then continues with a space dedicated to questions and curiosities from the public, and finally ends with the mise en espace of an unpublished theatrical short which imagines, transfigures the contents of the scientific dialogue from an artistic and performative point of view with Giulia Briata and Cristiano Parolin on stage directed by Sonia Soro.


Via San Giovanni da Verdara, 40, PADOVA

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