The Statues disclose their history – Italian and European politicians

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Ludovico Sambonifacio (from Verona, 15); Taddeo Pepoli (from Bologna, 19); Gustavo Adamo Baner and Gustavo Adolfo (Swedish, 59 e 60); Giobbe Ludolf (German, 62); Umberto Pallavicino (65); Giovanni Sobiesky eandStefano Bathory (Poland, 75 e 76); Gerolamo Liorsi (from Verona, 82).

Statue no. 15 Ludovico San Bonifacio (Sambonifacio)
Hi, I am Ludovico San Bonifacio. I was born in Verona around 1227 into a noble and ancient family from Verona. I was the son of Podestà Rizzardo and I fought against Ezzelino III da Romano. In 1256 I was in charge of the troops that liberated Padova which had been subjugated by the tyrant Ezzelino.
I wear clothes in use in the thirteenth century which include a short jacket closed by buttonholes with finely embroidered lace collar and cuffs.
Statue no. 59 Gustavo Adamo Baner
Hello, I am Gustavo Adamo Banner and I was born in Sweden in 1621. My father was Commander of the Swedish armies. I studied law at the University of Padova and was mayor and pro-rector of the Faculty of Law. The statue by the sculptor Giovanni Ferrari was commissioned by Federico Adolfo, king of Sweden and erected in 1778. It represents me in a Roman soldier’s armor.
Statue no. 62 Giobbe Ludolf from Erfurt
Hi, I am Job Ludolf and was born in Erfurt, Thuringen (Germany) in 1624. I was an expert in economic and literary historical legal disciplines and could speak 25 languages.
The statue by sculptor Luigi Verona represents me with the traditional clothes of the Germanic populations in use in the 17th century.

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