The Statues disclose their history – Literates and men of culture (2nd Part)

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INNER RING: Giovanni Poleni (52); Giovanni Dondi dell’Orologio (54); Antonio Schinella de’ Conti (57); Matteo de Ragnina (61); Stefano Gallini (63); Filippo Salviati (64); Luigi Fanzago (69); Giulio Pontedera (71); Jacopo Menocchio (74); Pietro Danieletti (79); Andrea Briosco (85); Michele Savonarola (87);

Statue no. 52 Giovanni Poleni
Hi, I’m Giovanni Poleni, born from a noble family in Venice in 1683. I completed my first studies of literature, philosophy and theology at the Somaschi Fathers, then I devoted myself to law but my innate passion for science soon led me to prefer studying physics and mathematics. Thanks to the commitment in studying these sciences, in 1709 the Venetian Senate gave me the chair of astronomy and meteorology at the University of Padova. I practised this teaching for 53 years and, thanks to my reputation, I was also entrusted with the chair of physics in 1715 and, 4 years later, that of mathematics.
Statue no. 54 Giovanni Dondi dell’Orologio
Hi, I’m Giovanni dell’Orologio, son of Jacopo, famous for having created the famous astronomical clock that can still be admired today in the tower of Palazzo del Capitanio in Piazza dei Signori in Padova. I was born in Chioggia around the year 1318 and I successfully attended the courses of philosophy, medicine and astronomy at the University of Padova. I was also flatteringly praised by Francesco Petrarca for my profound knowledge of these sciences. For my medical skills I was given the nickname Aristotelis anima.

Time to complete the route: 100 minutes

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