The Statues disclose their history – Paduan Leaders

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Alberto Azzo II d’Este (3); Antonio da Rio (25); Antonio Zacco (40); Ludovico Buzzaccarini (51); Antonio Savonarola (83).

Statue no. 3 Alberto Azzo II d’Este of the Obertenghi lineage
Hi, I am Alberto Azzo II d’Este. I was born in 996, a few years before the end of the first millennium. I am considered the founder of the important Estense family which took its name after the imposing Castle built in the city of Este, south of Padova. I was first married to Cunegonda of Altfort, Lady of Ravensburg in Carinthia. We had a son, Guelph who was named Duke of Bavaria after his uncle Guelph III and who later became the progenitor of the Brunswick family, of the Dukes of Saxony and finally also of the great elector of Hanover: the Ducal family which ascended to the royal throne of England with George I under the name of the House of Hanover in 1714. My Lordship extended over a vast territory that also included the current provinces of Padova, Rovigo and Ferrara. My mortal remains together with those of my first wife Cunegonda were buried in an ark in the abbey of Vangadizza in the town of Badia Polesine in the province of Rovigo.

Statue no. 83 Antonio Savonarola
Hi, I am Antonio Savonarola and I was born in the early 1300s. I was initiated into the art of war when I was young and I became the Commander of the Paduan militias that fought against the tyrant Ezzelino III da Romano. I managed to defeat him while defending the fortress of Arlesega, located between Padova and Vicenza, thus expelling the tyrant from the city. The road on the way to Vicenza leading to the homonymous city gate were named after me in memory of the event and as a sign of gratitude. The gate was rebuilt, as we see it now, in 1530 by architect Giovanni Falconetto.

Time to complete the route: 45 minutes

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