The Statues disclose their history – Paduan podestà and politicians

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Pagano della Torre (8); Altenerio degli Azzoni (38); Maffeo Memmo (42); Andrea Memmo (44); Guglielmo Malaspina degli Obizzi (53); Jacopino de Rossi (58); Francesco Pisani (70); Nicolò Tron (72); Marino Cavalli (84); Albertino Papafava (86).

Statue no. 44 Andrea Memmo
Hi, I am Andrea Memmo, born in Venice on March 29, 1729, descendant of one of the first 24 families of the roll of honour of the Venetian patrician. I was a pupil of the highly esteemed tutor Carlo Lodoli who taught me languages, philosophy, mathematics, fine arts and diplomacy. As local superintendent of Padova, I focused on reorganizing the territory and especially Prato della Valle, at that time a vast unhealthy and marshy area south of Padova, transforming it into an elegant open-air art gallery, a pleasant place, accessible to all and home to the most important socio-cultural activities of the city. It is an honour for me to know that the small elliptical island in the centre of the square was given my name in eternal memory: memmia.
Statue no. 53 Guglielmo Malaspina degli Obizzi
Hi, I am Guglielmo Degli Obizzi. I was born into a very noble family of Lucca in the first decades of the thirteenth century. I was appointed Podestà of Padova in 1285 and during my regency I built San Giovanni bridge, known as bridge of the Ships, and the Casa Grande or of the Elderly where the city council – now Palazzo del Comune – representing the city Arts and Guilds used to meet. A Latin inscription in my memory can be found at the castle of Catajo in Battaglia Terme, historical residence of my family.

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