The Statues disclose their history – Renowned doctors

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Pietro d’Abano (6); Bernardino Trevisan (24); Andrea da Recanati (26); Fortunio Liceti (50); Giovanni Dondi dell’Orologio (54); Stefano Gallini (63); Francesco Luigi Fanzago (69); Giulio Pontedera (71); Pietro Danieletti/Giovanbattista Morgagni (79); Gerolamo Liorsi (82); Michele Savonarola (87)

Statue no. 6 Pietro D’Abano
Hi, I’m Pietro and was born in Abano in 1250. While still very young, I went to Greece to study the language, then I moved to Constantinople and England, Scotland and finally to Paris where I graduated from the Sorbonne in philosophy and medicine. I was a well educated man, and was involved in astrological research believing that all mankind events depended on astral influences. In the early 1300s I was appointed professor of medicine and natural philosophy at the University of Padova. Thanks to my understanding of astrology, I was also in charge of supervising the realization of the pictorial fresco cycle made by Giotto for Palazzo della Ragione in Padova which was unfortunately destroyed in the catastrophic fire of 1420.
Statue no. 69 Francesco Luigi Fanzago
Hi, I’m Francesco Luigi Fanzago and was born in Padova in 1764. I graduated in Medicine in Padova in 1790. I worked as a doctor in the ancient city hospital of San Francesco Grande becoming chief physician. I was called by the university to the chair of practical medicine. I was the last professor of this chair. Later, I was given the chair of special pathology and forensic medicine, becoming the first professor of this chair in Padova. 
Statue no. 79 Pietro Danieletti
Hi, I am Pietro Danieletti and am here represented with the bust of Giambattista Morgagni, one of the most distinguished doctors of the University of Padova. I leave it to him then, to tell you his story.

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