Capital of Madonna della Neve

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The Capital of the Madonna della Neve is a votive capital of the kind that is very common throughout the Veneto. Once these votive objects were seen as playing an important role in protecting local inhabitants and safeguarding the activities upon which the survival of the countryside depended. The capital also had an important social function, as it was where people gathered for prayers; it was near here that services were held to commemorate the dead.

The Capital of the Madonna della Neve still plays an important role in the cohesion of the local community. In fact, in recent years work has been done to lay out the surrounding area as a place for both social gathering and the sharing of moments of prayer and religious worship. The community also commissioned the local artist Bruno Ceccarello to work on the restoration of the small chapel. The most important moment of religious communion around the Capital comes on the feast day of the Madonna della Neve [Madonna of the Snows], on 5 August.
The Capital also marks the beginning of a path that leads through the fields up to Via Beolo, where one can see the sole extant example of a casone [rural cabin] within the township of Conselve.

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via Fonda', Conselve PD

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