Cimitero di San Giorgio delle Pertiche

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This public facility is an expression of the art of contemporary architecture.
It was designed by Quirino de Giorgio, who is to be credited with various public and private buildings within the Valle Agredo area. His task here was to expand the old cemetery, to envelop the old square-plan structure and to complete the religious buildings, all within the elliptical perimeter of the new layout.
The tombs are organised on two levels within the portico and loggia which face inwards around the internal garden. The entire structure is in bare reinforced concrete. Distinctive features include: the pillars of the loggia, which the architect said were freely based upon the form of an angel’s wing; and the unbroken wall that marks a clear division between the surrounding countryside and the space of the cemetery itself.

Other works by Quirino de Giorgio in this area include: the Toni furniture factory, again in San Giorgio delle Pertiche; the elementary school in Santa Giustina in Colle; the ‘Las Vegas’ cinema in Trebaseleghe; various private villas.
His architecture here fits in perfectly with the context of this area, and is in line with the style of other works by him elsewhere (for example, in Vigonza) and with those by Aldo Rossi in Borgoricco.


Via Canonica, 4, San Giorgio delle Pertiche
+39 049 9374770

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