The old Padova

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“Culture must never be a privilege for the few, but an opportunity for all. Remembering is the best way to pass on knowledge”

It’s with this spirit that, since 2014, the Facebook group “La Vecchia Padova” has been collecting images and stories of Padua’s past, so that the traditions, knowledge, and anecdotes of the past do not risk being forgotten.
The great success of the initiative finally resulted in the founding of the Associazione Fraglia la Vecchia Padova, thanks to which a reality that was initially only virtual was able to grow and concretize its cultural commitment, organizing excursions, guided tours, convivial events and much more.
Those who are curious and passionate about the city’s history can now join the association and take advantage of the discounts and benefits that La Fraglia reserves for its members.


For further information, please consult the following Web address:

Inside the site, many stories and curiosities about the times that were, traditional recipes, anecdotes about the city and the territory of the province, about the more or less famous people who were part of it, about the ancient crafts and the historical workshops, and still proverbs and mysteries that still make people speak today.

La Vecchia Padova is a treasure chest of historical and cultural jewels, where you can let yourself be carried away by the winds of a past that, after all, is not so far away.

Learn more about La Vecchia Padova!

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