The Street Art of Alessio B

Childhood seen through different eyes

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Alessio B has been a active figure on the Padua art scene ever since Street Art made its first appearance in the Veneto. Using stencil art, he has covered walls in the city with images inspired by the world of childhood, by the feelings and delicacy we associate with it.

His works are often based on an ironic combination of lettering and of images taken from the past: dreaming children, fluctuating hearts. The results combine lightness of touch and heart-felt emotions.
He quickly became one of the most incisive street artists working in his native city thanks to his easily identifiable subject-matter and his preferences for stencils; to his clean forms and the clarity and immediacy of the message communicated.

The most instantly recognisable subject-matter of his work on the walls of Padua is children, who are shown playing, holding each other’s hands, absorbed in reading or pretending to be astronauts (complete with helmet). Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa has also been borrowed as one of his own trade marks: the past and present blend together in this female figure, who Alessio B portrays perhaps wearing a smoking jacket or peeping out of some hidden alleyway.

In 2013 Alessio B participated at the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art, and has exhibited in one-man or group shows in Italy, France, England, Germany, the United States and South Korea.
In 2016 he visted London, Miami and Paris; in 2017 he was in Rennes, where he was involved in exhibitions and wall-painting events in the city. In that same year the Berlin “Urban Nation” Museum, entirely dedicated to Street Art, purchased one of his works.

In 2018, the city of Padua recognised his talent by organising a one-man show in the Galleria Cavour.

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