Tony Gallo: The wall as a dream space

The world of a street artist’s imagination

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Tony Gallo was born in Padova in 1975 and still lives and works in the city.

Self-taught, he produces work in which he experiments with compositions without following any precise schema, expressing his own personality as an artist through a language that is very close to Street Art.

His works experiment with the use of both wall and canvas, employing a multi-faceted style to create anthropomorphic figures in which the human blends with the animal, nature merges with poetry.

His use of spray paint and rapid lines – typical features of the art of street writers – show Tony Gallo to be one of those new artists for whom art is an emotional experience, in which magic and feelings combine with colours and harmony in a world created by the artist’s imagination.

The sensitivity of his characters, who look towards the spectator in a calm and silent manner, is a symbol of a silent generation whose existence is suspended, as in a dream, between expectation and postponement.

In 2016 the city of Padua presented him with the Premio Noi#GenerazioneMerito at the Galileo Festival of Innovation. Over the years various walls in Padua have been “grafitti-ed” by the magic of Tony Gallo, and his works are now to be seen in various cities, both within Italy and abroad.

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