FRIDA KHALO e DIEGO RIVERA – La Collezione Gelman

14 FEB - 4 JUN 2023
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A large, choral exhibition tells the story of the two Mexican artists, who rose to legendary status worldwide.

The core of the works comes from the celebrated US collection of Jacques and Natasha Gelman: the couple had an intense relationship with the two Mexican artists, from whom they also had their portraits painted.
Their collection includes several fundamental works by Frida, including her most famous self-portraits, and Diego, which are on display in the exhibition.

A choral exhibition, what is on offer at the San Gaetano. Alongside the great paintings (23 works by Frida Kahlo and 9 by Diego Rivera), photography is also on show.
Karl Wilhem Kahlo, a German Jew who emigrated to Mexico, was a skilled photographer of architecture. Frida, very young, accompanied him on his campaigns around Mexico and this collaboration greatly influenced his art.

A colourful section is reserved for Mexican costumes, the colours of which reverberate in her works and in the works, from murals to oils on canvas, of his.
It is the iconic, strong, living Mexico that emerges in this exhibition, that land and people that in the central part of the 20th century attracted intellectuals, artists, militants and adventurers from the Old World.
And nobody like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera was able to translate that world of passion, beauty, strength and suffering into art.


c/o Centro culturale Altinate | San Gaetano, via Altinate n.70, Padova (PD)

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