The Statues disclose their history – Popes

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Paolo II (22); Eugenio IV (23) Alessandro VIII (66); Clemente XIII (67)
The statues of the Popes are located at the four bridge heads of the south bridge overlooking the Boario Forum.

Statue no. 22 pope Paul II (Pietro Barbo)
Hi, I am Pietro, son of Niccolò Barbo and Polissena Condulmer. I was born in 1418. The Barbo were a rich family dedicated to trade of the Venetian patrician class but their prestige was mainly due to their illustrious relatives: in fact, on my mother’s side I was great-nephew of Gregory XII and nephew of Cardinal Gabriele Condulmer (who would become Pope Eugene IV). I was soon initiated into the ecclesiastical career and in 1459 I was appointed Bishop in Padova, even if against the will of the Serenissima and then of Vicenza. I was raised to the pontifical throne, becoming pope before I was fifty and I proclaimed a crusade against the Turks who had got as far as the Balkans.
Statue no. 23 pope Eugene IV (Gabriele Condulmer)
Hi, I am Gabriele. I was born from Angelo Condulmer and Bariola Correr in Venice in 1383. When I was young I was initiated into the ecclesiastical career at the small Augustinian community on the island of San Giorgio in Alga. I became proto-notary in Verona, canon in Padua and bishop of Siena. I was consecrated Cardinal when I was only 25 years old and I became pope with the name of Eugene IV before I was fifty. The Council of Basel began during my pontificate. My pontificate was very tough with many noteworthy events, also significant for the history of Rome, taking place during my temporal reign.

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