The Statues disclose their history – Scholars, Artists and Scientists

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Torquato Tasso (5); Andrea Mantegna (21); Ludovico Ariosto (27); Giuseppe Tartini (29); Francesco Petrarca (35); Galileo Galilei (36); Antonio Canova (68); Francesco Guicciardini (73). Dante Alighieri (A) Giotto (B)

Statue no. 21 Andrea Mantegna
Hi, I’m Andrea Mantegna. I was born into a humble family on the island of Carturo (now Isola Mantegna), a small agricultural centre near Piazzola sul Brenta, in the year 1431. As a young boy I was sent to look after the sheep but my passion for drawing often led me to neglect this task. One day while I was drawing I was accidentally noticed by Squarcione, a renowned painter from Padova who, seeing my potential, talked to my parents and took me in as his son…
Statue no. 29 Giuseppe Tartini
Hi, I am Giuseppe Tartini, born from a noble Florentine family in Piran of Istria in 1692. When I was young I was started to the ecclesiastical career, but in 1710 I abandoned my theological studies and enrolled in law courses at the University of Padova. I really loved knightly exercises, I was a talented swordsman and my intention was to become a master in the art of fencing either in Naples or in France. When I was twenty instead I fell victim to my youthful impulses and I got married against everyone’s will to a young girl of humble origins, daughter of Cardinal Giorgio Cornaro’s coachman… I was a great composer and Jean-Baptiste d’Alembert wrote this about me in his famous Encyclopedia: “Tartini’s music is more about feeling and a language than sound and harmony”.

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