The Statues disclose their history – Venetian politicians and leaders

escursioni giornaliere
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Antonio Diedo (1); Vettor Pisani (14); Antonio Michiel (16); Antonio Barbarigo (17); Giovanni Maria Memmo (30); Michele Morosini (31), Alessandro Orsato (37); Cesare Piovene (41); Gerolamo Savorgnan (49); Raniero Vasco (80); Francesco Morosini (81).

Statue no. 1 Antonio Diedo
Hi, I’m Antonio Diedo and I was born into a noble Mantuan family in Padova in 1702. I was initiated into the study of law and soon became Podestà in Vicenza and then Bailo in Constantinople. I was highly regarded both for my eloquence and my ability to govern. The statue, the work of Paduan sculptor Felice Chiereghin, represents me in the patrician toga, the classic dress of the consul in Constantinople trimmed with leather. My head is covered by the stocky cap worn by a Bailo. Next to me a winged woman used to hold a trumpet, now missing.
Statue no. 30 Giovanni Maria Memmo
Hi, I am Gian Maria Memmo, scion of an ancient Venetian patrician family. I was born in 1509. I studied law at the University of Padova and I was ambassador of the Serenissina Republic to the court of Charles V who, due to the respect I enjoyed, appointed me Knight of the Holy Roman Empire. The statue, made by Giovanni Ferrari, was erected by Duke Pietro di Curlandia in 1787. It represents me with a tunic buttoned down to the knees, an elegant pleated lace gorget at the neck and a long, dogal surcoat with wide sleeves. A cap peeps out from the left sleeve.

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