Church of St Michael Archangel

Religious buildings
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The river Bacchiglione divides the town of Selvazzano into two parts: on the right bank of the river is Selvazzano Dentro [Selvazzano Within], the old town centre across which runs the main road with its new residential areas; on the left bank is Selvazzano Fuora [Selvazzano Without], where the environment is more typically rural. Designed by the engineer Michele Carretta in 1944, the church was officially consecrated in September 1959, and gives onto a piazza that has recently been restored. The interior contains various works of art that used to adorn the old rural church here.
Those of greatest interest are: The Resurrection of Christ (in the apse), an early-eighteen-century painting attributed to Antonio Balestra (1666-1740); The Coronation of the Virgin, with Saints (in the chapel on the right, opposite the organ), an oil painting dating from the second half of the eighteenth century that reveals the influence of rococo art; St. Peter (above the second door on the left), a painting that has stylistic characteristics reminiscent of the art of Paolo Veronese (1522-1588); St.Ubald, St. Bonaventure and St. Louis (above the side door on the right), an oil painting on canvas by Palma Il Giovane (Venice, 1544-1628).
The other works are: St. Michael in Glory (above the first door on the right), a hexagonal canvas by a late-eighteenth-century Veneto artist; St. Barbara (above the side door on the left), a copy of a painting by Palma Il Vecchio in the Venetian church of Santa Maria Formosa; Communion of a Bishop-Saint (above the organ), an eighteenth-century work; St. Scholastica, St. Benedict, A Saint-Bishop and a Benedictine Saint (above the confessional on the left), an oil painting on canvas attributed to the Veneto artist Pietro Damiani (first half of the seventeenth century); St. Michael the Archangel (apse of the baptistery) by the nineteenth-century Venetian artist Antonio Zambler; The Birth of the Virgin and the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary (above the confessional on the right). There are also two paintings in the sacristy. The fine seventeenth-century terracotta statue of The Virgin and Child was restored in the 1980s.


Via Roma, 60, Selvazzano Dentro (PD)

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