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Italy’s first bacological research station is still part of the new complex and forms an important facility of support, conservation and scientific inquiry under the Ministerial Centre for Agricultural Research.
Historically one of the most important facilities in this sector, the station began life in the late nineteenth century, and its collections of instruments, books and different breeds of silkworm from all over the world are now part of the Esapolis Museum. The curators and researchers at Esapolis maintain contact with their numerous counterparts throughout the world, particularly those in China, which is historically associated with the silkworm and is still the world’s largest producer of silk. These contacts include not only the Hangzhou National Museum of Chinese Silk but also other prestigious universities both within Italy and aboard.
The exhibition is multi-faceted, with numerous important living exhibits from the micro-mega worlds of insects, arachnids and many of the other small living creatures that make up the largest animal biomass on our planet. At Esapolis, visitors are not passive observers of the material present; they can also engage in more or less direct interactions with the exhibits. As well as the permanent exhibitions, there are also temporary events that change over time. With its hi-tech installations and interactive laboratories, Esapolis provides visitors with an experience that will stimulate their senses and their minds.

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via dei Colli 28, Padova
(0039) 0498910189

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