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With joint financing from the Jewish Community, the Regional Government of the Veneto and Padua City Council, the building was painstakingly restored, faithful attention to detail resulting in a fascinating space complete with Women’s Gallery (now closed) and a nineteenth-century entrance staircase. The Jewish Museum of Padua housed here opened in 2015.
The collection is displayed in one large room, with important objects that reflect traditional Jewish life and religious ritual. A short video provides a pleasant introduction to the history of the Jewish community in Padua, illustrating the main events therein and the main monuments of Jewish presence in the city. There is also a video installation entitled “One generation passes, one generation arrives” by the director Denis Brotto, which provides visitors with an even more immersive experience of the life of ten illustrious figures within the community in Padua over the centuries. Though focusing on ten individuals, this is a reflection of the life of all the men and women of the Community, of those who are called to bear witness to future generations.
As well as visiting the museum, it is also possible to have a guided tour of the Italian Synagogue, which is still in use. Founded in 1548, it has a distinctive Torah Ark in polychrome marble and a Bimah [pulpit] carved from a plane tree in the Botanical Garden which was killed when struck by lightning.
Founded in 1527, the three ancient Jewish cemeteries in Padua attract scholars and students of the Kabala and Talmud from all over the world; they are open for guided tours that leave from the Museum.


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