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The goal of the museum is to permit the communication of personal memories. The toys makes it possible not only to relive one’s own past but also to share it with new generations, to make it part of their own experience.
Organised according to theme, the collection has different types of toys and games from various periods in history. For example, within the toys inspired by means of transport one finds: the famous models of cars produced in Italy, Great Britain and Germany; passenger liners and warships; planes, dirigibles and helicopters; and, of course, trains, the oldest toys in the Museum (there is also a working train layout). Among the toy soldiers are models depicting the uniforms of the main Italian regiments and of those who fought in all the most important conflicts in Europe – from the age of Napoleon down to the wars of fascism. And, naturally, there are cowboys and Indians.
The dolls and furry toys on display were almost entirely produced in Italy, in part by Ingap, an historic Paduan toy manufacturer. The wide-ranging section dedicated to fantasy toys includes fairground rides, clowns and characters from cartoons.

Tutti i giorni dalle ore 9:00 alle ore 19:00.


Via Toblino 51, PADOVA

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