Villa Molin

Historical buildings and streets
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Villa Molin takes its name from Nicolò Molin, an ambassador of the Venetian Republic who, in 1597, commissioned the famous architect Vincenzo Scamozzi to design a country residence where he could spend the summer months (a common practice amongst the Venetian nobility). Standing on the banks of the Battaglia canal, the villa – which has maintained its original elegant appearance – is located between the city of Padua and the Euganean hills.
The interiors are splendidly decorated, and a visit here is an unforgettable experience that combines both nature and art. Baroque frescoes and neoclassical stucco work provide an insight into a specific period in the history of La Serenissima, and of the various important Paduan families for whom the villa was home.
The main hall is decorated with late-seventeenth-century frescoes that envelop the walls with depictions of scenes from love stories, myths and tales of heroes. The small salons alongside are decorated with late-eighteenth-century stucco work, which serves to set off the period furniture.
The villa is open to the public for pre-booked guided tours. It can also be hired for private functions, complete with a special service to help with all aspects of event planning.

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Via Ponte della Cagna, 106, Padova
(0039) 333 2557510

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