Church of Saints Vincent and Anastasius

Religious buildings
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The first documents attesting to the existence of a church dedicated to Sant’Anastasio in the locality of Peraga date back to 1159.

The title to San Vincenzo is only documented from 1572. Following the collapse of the bell tower in 1802, it became necessary to rebuild the entire building and was not completed until 1820.
Further building works were carried out between the 1930s and 60s of the twentieth century.
The church was then equipped with a new apse, lateral chapels and a new facade, and the restoration of the eighteenth-century altars was also started. Worthy of note is the altarpiece preserved inside, attributed to the workshop of Tiziano Vecellio, dated between 1590 and 1610 and depicting the Assumption of Mary.



Via Cardinal Bonaventura da Peraga, 7, Vigonza
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