Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Religious buildings
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1130 is the date of the document of San Bellino Bishop of Padua in which we find the first mention of a church in Cartura, called Santa Maria della Valle. The second mention is found in a papal tithe of 1297, with which it is known that it was dependent on the parish of Pernumia.

For Cartura to become an autonomous parish we have to go until 1440, when it was decided to build a new church that could replace the old and decadent structure of the 12th century and thus be able to contain the growing population. The second church of Cartura is mentioned in a description of 1489 written by the bishop of Padua, Pietro Barozzi. Further documentation from the year 1536 testifies that the church was of medium size, but very dark inside, and generally well preserved. From same report we learn that the bell tower was old, in contrast to the main structure, thus testifying to the different periods of construction. Following a further increase in the population in a short period of time, in 1696 the then parish priest Don Girolamo Dottor De-Grandis decided to build a new church. In 1700, in fact, the only large nave was built. With the arrival, then, of Don Paolo Maria Trentini, parish priest of Cartura between 1767 and 1811, several works of extension and restoration were carried out, including the addition of five side altars, the renovation of the organ, the creation of the frescoes, the raising of the walls and the restoration of the bell tower, the latter rises up to still at the first structure. In 1811, the new cemetery was also inaugurated and, in accordance with the Edict of Saint Cloud, was placed 150 metres from the church.
Further restoration works by the successive parish priests for conservation and maintenance were carried out over the centuries, reaching the visible structure still dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta.


Piazza dell'Assunta, 23, Cartura

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